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Discover Downtown Stockton's Hidden Gems

Unlock the Potential of Historic Properties for Your Business

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Why Work With Me?


As an exclusive broker with 20+ years of experience in historic properties, I offer unparalleled expertise and dedication to help you achieve your goals in downtown Stockton.


As a highly accessible professional, I prioritize my clients' needs and am always available to provide personalized attention and support throughout the leasing or sales process.


Every client has unique needs and circumstances, and I'm always willing to adapt to meet those needs. With extensive experience in leasing and selling in the area, I offer a wealth of knowledge and expertise that can be tailored to fit your specific requirements.


What My Clients Say

“About 5 years ago my partners and I decided to invest in downtown Stockton. To be honest, we were very apprehensive to make such a move, then we met Mahala Burns.  She exceeded all our expectations as a commercial real estate broker in historic downtown Stockton. With her deep understanding of the local market and exceptional professionalism, she helped us find the ideal commercial properties.  Since then, she has also helped us lease and manage our properties beyond our expectations. Mahala's attention to detail, strong communication, and genuine care for her clients make her an excellent choice for anyone looking for commercial real estate services.

Bejan Broukim

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